A Review Between Gastric Banding And Gastric Bypass Surgeries

Back in January, I wrote about a programme I had watched on obesity called Extreme Slimming. The programme focused on three individuals who decided to have surgery to try and combat their weight problems.

It had to be loose enough that the person could eat and drink in the days immediately after the procedure and yet still act as an effective restriction on eating 10 years later. This is just not possible. The body changes, it adapts and what was initially quite tight becomes looser. In order to seek some long-term control on weight, the settings were often made very tight on the start, leading to a very rapid weight loss during the first 6 months. There was a loss of considerable amount of muscle as well as a loss of fat. This is not at all what we want.

So do I agree with obezite cerrahisi for a 13yr old, heck no. Get that kid outside. Nobody needs surgery to lose weight at that age(or any age really). I feel that obese children are a direct product of the failure of parents to teach their children valuable lessons. I feel that the child should put on a nutritious eating plan and eased into daily activites like walking, weight lifting, and playing at the beach.

It’s about time we stop this madness. The food industry just keeps on feeding on us though. They are making a good profit from our old habits. Just like the tobacco companies, they are killing us and just don’t really care.

This kind of rapid weight loss plan fits into the busiest of lifestyles. The meals are delivered to your home and are prepared in minutes. So you save time and lose weight. Not a bad combination.

Limit the time in front of the TV. Kids spend way too much time at home in front of the TV watching their favorite cartoons or at the computer playing games. When they are at daycare or someone else is providing care they need to do other activities. Some of those activities should be physical play, anything that will get them up and moving around.

Having an abundance of these kinds of snacks around the house is not only good for your children, but healthy for everyone in the household. Diabetes is something that anyone can get at any age from eating the wrong foods, eating too much or from being overweight. This also raises the risks for many other diseases, but that’s another article.

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A Review Between Gastric Banding And Gastric Bypass Surgeries

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