Economic Challenges For The Nurse Practitioner

Waiting lists for nursing schools are giving aspiring nurses the blues these days. Community colleges, four year bachelor’s degree programs, even a lot of LPN programs…they all have many more students applying than they can accommodate.

The first step that you should take is to contact nursing schools to find out prerequisites for earning the nursing degree online. You will find that most schools require their students to have a GED or a high school diploma. You should make sure that you can meet the prerequisites before applying an Online Nursing program.

First, let me offer you my experience with my boys. After my oldest son was born, he developed a nasty case of cradle cap. Being the typical first time parent, I was horrified and sought remedies to treat it. The most common remedy advice was to use baby oil, olive oil, petroleum jelly, or lotions on my baby’s head. So I tried almost all of them. He kept the cradle cap up until he was almost eleven months old. I couldn’t figure out why.

Breastfeeding alone will not be enough – It will be plenty! This all natural, completely organic milk has everything that your baby needs and you will be able to provide more than enough of it. If you observe signs that your baby is still hungry this simply means he or she must RN CEUs longer.

Try fat free (skim) milk. A great many people wrongly believe that skim milk is just regular milk with a lot of water added. Not true. The FAT is taken out and more calcium and Vitamin D are added in which makes this a great deal as far your health is concerned. If you need to, begin with 1% lowfat milk and work your way down to the skim milk. Once you get used to the skim milk, you won’t be able to tolerate milk with the fat since the fat will coat the inside of your mouth – yuk!

A woman cannot breastfeed while working – This actually can be arranged with pumps and planning. You can store the excess milk for later meals or times when you will be busy. Breastfeeding and working will require a bit of extra juggling of time and task on your part but can most definitely be accomplished.

Needless to say, I spent the night in the hospital instead of at the New Years Eve Dance Washington DC. No dancing, no drinks, no music, no friends. Just bed rest, pain medication, a noisy hospital, and a doctor, along with many hopes that this year will not be as disastrous!

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