Going The Distance For Love

Music is the magic which can stimulate your hormones to make you laugh loudly or weep deeply. With music, you can feel relaxed and at the same time, this music can make a lazy body to shake a leg. Music can serve as the awesome source of entertainment or can be the best companion when you want to be alone. Each one of us are associated with one or the other form of music. Music has its various forms in different countries and continents. Even within a country, you can enjoy the immense diversity in the tune forms. In all its forms, music has its specific role.

You’re always thinking about them. Not just about “Oh, yeah, I get to see him later”, but wondering how he’s doing. You spend plenty of time together and you never get bored to do all sorts of things as a couple.

Most of the comments and emails I get ask questions like “What do you think they ?” The answer is “WHAT DO YOU KNOW?” We are not mind reader. We have NO IDEA what others are thinking. What is the thing you do know 100%? You know what YOU are doing and what YOU are thinking?

If the wedding ceremony is planned to take place in a traditional manner, then slow-moving traditional songs can be played. Though, it is not a hard and fast rule to opt for traditional songs. Some contemporary trap beats can be played too. There are lots of songs that can certainly make the ceremony quite lively. Another good option could be to hire a pianist. The pianist can play at a slower tempo and could give the feeling of the start of the ceremony.

Your feelings haven’t caught up yet and maybe you’re still expecting your ex to come home. You don’t feel anything: you don’t cry, you don’t get mad, and everything seems surreal. You can’t stay on this stage because you need to move on. You need to snap out of it and accept what has happened.

Paperback Writer was something new for The Beatles in the sense that it was one of their first forays into heavy (for the time) throbbing electric music.

If your answer to the above 4 questions was ‘YES’ then you are ready to do the 1 single most important thing to forget about your Exs: USE YOUR HEAD. Contrary to popular belief IT IS possible to relinquish old memories, regrets feelings of remorse and low motivation following a break up, forget about Exs and regain your confidence and optimism QUICKLY. The key is to be intelligent enough to really engage and use your brain to accomplish what you want (in the same way you would to accomplish any other goal). They key is to focus on moving forward in your life to really get what you want, including the pursuit of love and happiness.

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