How To Attract The Right Prospects To Your Business

Do you do a lot of investing? Well if you don’t you should think about doing so. Investing is one of the easiest ways for people to earn money. Your money will be able to work harder for you then you will ever be able to. What if I told you that you could earn 10 – 12.5% per month on your money?

Pay per click ads are the most common option. Monetizing your feed is a great way to make money because you just add the code and forget about it while the money starts coming in from the network.

Something tells me that the SBA already knows this. They’re estimating about 10,000 business es will take advantage of this program. Maybe so. But last I checked there are about 25 million small Click to know in this country. Helping out 0.04% doesn’t seem like a real contribution to the small business community, does it?

Knowing where and how to start building your network is the toughest challenge. Below I have set out four basic steps as part of your Networking Plan.

And you are spending your nights and weekends doing your bookkeeping, keeping your papers filed, sending out invoices, typing cards into the database, creating your newsletter, sending thank you notes, making phone calls, and on and on and on.

If you have a soft spot for Rottweilers, there is a truly stunning male at the shelter and he is a big love bug. This gorgeous dog is good with other dogs and was very friendly with the volunteer (and myself). He took the cookies gently and would be a wonderful companion to the right lucky family.

Now, like all good entrepreneurs, I get my hands on everything I can to read. I have walls of bookcases filled with books and courses on marketing and other entrepreneurial delicacies. I have books on my bed stand, magazines in the bathroom, binders of printed eBooks in my car.

It doesn’t matter which successful entrepreneur you talk to. They will all have these things in common: they have boatloads of books, they read everyday, and they view their marketing efforts as a continually evolving and learning adventure.

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