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It’s a week before your much-awaited Asian tour and you haven’t packed your things. You feel as though you want to take your entire wardrobe with you. But surely, that’s not possible. Besides, there are some other stuff you wish to bring and you just don’t know how to fit them all in your suitcase.

Bring some books or a gadget that would keep you busy during your flight. Let’s face it, travel time sometimes take too long and too boring. It is always best to have something that will entertain you during those dull moments. Either you pack a novel, comics, an e-book reader or best of all, a PC tablet loaded with some games that would definitely keep you busy.

Many hotels are also good for breakfast buffet deals that are good and hearty food that will fill you up until dinner sometimes. Even area supermarket sometimes have salad bars and lunch deals. Zabars and Whole Foods are great places to eat a hearty good lunch and breakfast deals in NYC.

Up until then I had discovered very few ways in which a woman on the road was treated differently from a man. So in 1985 when I was asked to write “The Women’s siargao travel guide” by a prestigious Boston publisher, I almost bowed out. I could not think of enough ways in which my gender’s road warrior was unlike the typical male road warrior.

The City Park is one more place you can go to if you want to appreciate a recreation of golfing or possibly horseback riding. You can also play tennis if you want to. It happens to be 1 of the largest urban parks in New Orleans. You will take pleasure in strolling and passing by tall trees. This area is definitely attractive. And if you want to take it easy, quit by at Spa Atlantis. Here, you will be supplied with quality solutions and comfy setting suited for peace.

You can climb this wall at Badaling and Juyongguan. You can also do the same at Mutianyu Simatai, and even Jinshanling. There are other sections that you can go through. The Great Wall goes as far as the Ming Dynasty. It is listed under UNESCO as a site of heritage in 1987. Those who plan to go hiking should prepare good foot gear. At the same time, it is advisable to pack sun block or a heavy coat depending on the weather.

Having organised everything in advance we came prepared with pre-booked tickets for the Gabriel Orozco exhibition. It was quite enjoyable. The artist used old tyres, bones and concrete as materials. So many different objects can be presented as art, it’s quite amazing. We then had a look around the permanent collection which was really interesting. Rothko’s work was particularly soothing to look at. As a child I would say things like ‘I could do that’ when I saw such a simple piece. As I’ve grown up I’ve realised working with huge blocks of colours and many layers of paint is not as easy as it looks. ‘Red on Maroon’ was my favourite and I found being surrounded by the paintings incredibly relaxing. Anna and I had a really good conversation there too, one of those deep and meaningful ones!

If you are interested in finding out more great locations to go New Jersey beach camping, talk with your local New Jersey travel guide and they will be happy to share more great places to visit and tips for New Jersey beach camping. Also, you can talk with others who live in the New Jersey area and see what places they enjoy visiting when camping. The Internet also has a wealth of information on New Jersey beach camping and can help you find that great spot for your next vacation.

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