Miley Cyrus’ Tattoo: Tweets It After Claiming She Needs A Social Media Break

Fans of “Dancing With the Stars” miss the magic of Val Chmerkovskiy and Kelly Monaco together. Val and Kelly may not be partners on “DWTS” any longer, but they clearly still share a special relationship. On Sept. 26 Val made “Vally” fans quite happy when he posted a picture of this fan favorite duo spending some time together again.

Everybody loves shopping, when we shop however, we spend money, but what if you can take your passion for shopping and your keen hunting skills and get paid to be a mystery shopper? This is starting to become a very popular way for women to earn money on the side. To be a mystery shopper however, you’ll need to be ready to give a review or feedback on your experience by completing a detailed report.

The Morrisville Library will be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013. Wear your best pirate duds for a chance to win a great prize.

The band OK Go is a viral video success story. They’ve done it multiple times on YouTube with millions of hits. Now do it on instagram proxies. Your photos should reflect the personality of your band and it should have an interesting concept as well. Time to crank out the creativity and get noticed for it!

How being connected opens your influential reach? Love this question. Brandyourself as a leader by creating excellent content and building a massive following. You don’t need to be a rockstar, athlete, actor/actress and politician to be famous anymore. Create your own industry/niche network.

Shape nails with nail file then wash hands to remove excess oil and debris before application of a base coat such as CND’s Stickey Base Coat. Be sure to seal edge of nail with basecoat to prevent chipping.

Small business owners need to show a little imagination and ingenuity. This is one way to make yourself different, to use your imagination and show your vision for almost no cost!

In closing you may be wondering can you really make money doing can this, and the answer is yes, you can make money selling just about anything as long as there is a demand for it. When looking for something to sell just make sure it is something people will pay for. Life is too short to wonder what if. If you have a dream to have your own home business then look at different options and pick the one that is best for you and move forward.

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