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The bulk of Regular 8, 16mm and super 8 films have no sound. The super 8 was the latest format and it had no audio until 1973. By the way, you can tell if a film has sound because the film features a magnetic tape that looks like a thin copper strip running along one edge. It was a big deal when sound film came out in 1973, but it was short lived.

Don’t forget that time is against when it comes to 8mm 8mm Film to DVD Miami. Improperly stored films, humidity and heat are all reasons why the magnetic particles begin to decay. However, doing a film transfer, deterioration can be stopped right now.

16mm films were introduced during the 1920s, and only intended to be used by amateurs. Nearly every family shot their precious events on them. So, if you’ve got 16mm films lying around your home, it’s time to do a 16mm film transfer to dvd and store them for posterity.

Alpha DVD also has offerings for the business community, educational institutions and government agencies. We can re-master Sales presentations, product demos, catalogues and employee training to a DVD.

Paint your scenes with shots that move in one direction, then quit. Don’t backtrack in the same shot. This applies to all three movements you control: panning, tilting, and zooming. This seems so simple and yet this indecisiveness shows up all over the place in the work of amateurs. You “hunt” before you “roll.” A few seconds of planning pays big dividends.

Simply put, a movie is a series of shots spliced together in the right sequence. The editor must be able to separate each shot into segments, and piece it back together in the right sequence, while eliminating undesirable scenes. Most editors come with an on board cutter/splicer. You cut the film (usually in the middle of a frame), scrape off the emulsion; apply your cement, and splice.

Something people don’t often think about when moving their 8mm film to DVD NYC quality media is that they may not actually hold the rights. For some things it can be easy to determine. An old copy of Nosferatu for instance, cannot just be copied into another media. It is a movie and people own the rights to it. There are trickier things though like wedding footage that might have been taken professionally and will need permission to be copied from 8mm film to DVD NYC quality media.

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Movie Magic. Great Ways To Get More. Get Great Film Satisfaction.

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