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Ever since track coach Bill Bowerman and heart specialist W.E. Harris penned the book titled “Jogging” in 1967, people across the United States have been putting one foot in front of the other and exercising their way to fitness. Jogging is still one of the most widespread forms of exercise, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. If you are a jogger, or you have a loved one who is, then you need to know 10 ways joggers can increase their safety.

But that’s not all! You’ll also learn what UV Dye is, and whether or not free shipping exists when you buy defensive sprays online. It is only after you learn all that that you can consider your pepper spray buying knowledge to be truly complete (assuming you’ve already read the two previous articles). So, let’s get started!

When you park look around the surroundings and make a plan for where you can go for safety and how to call for help. Always try to walk with a friend, co-worker, or a security officer. Give them a ride back to the main entrance so they do not have to walk back alone.

Be aware of your surroundings. Familiarize yourself with the campus and local areas. Find a good map and study it well. Know where there are well lit routes back to your dorm. Have emergency phone numbers available on your cell phone.

If you are attacked, make a lot of noise. Many women and girls who are attacked become so frightened they forget to scream, which is strange, but true. Activate your personal alarm system.

First of all, know where your children are at all times. Be sure they understand the importance of letting you know where they are going, when they will be back and who they will be with. If possible, have them leave you a phone number where they will be. Relay to them that you are not just being a control freak, but rather it is their safety you have in mind.

By shadow practicing all of these moves, your mind and body will acclimate to fast responses with confidence if attacked. Also, the practice of carrying and using protective devices, like, a rigid ballpoint pen or a small stun gun acclimates escape responses well. Of course, it is always much better to cautiously avoid any kind of potential attack in the first place.

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